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Justin Bieber Had “Blowup” With Mom Pattie Mallette?

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156687641-209x300“Justin’s Blowup With His Mom,” blares a headline fromIn Touch, which claims Justin Bieber “put his foot down” when his mom Pattie Mallette “wanted to use a picture of him on the cover of her 2012 book, ‘Nowhere But Up’” to draw sales.

The mag quotes author Marc Shapiro, who penned a number of unauthorized books about the teen singer, as saying, “When Justin found out, he refused to go along with it, and they had a series of arguments.”

Shapiro claims that one night, the fighting became so “intense” that Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, was “forced to step in.”

“Ultimately, Justin compromised and agreed to a couple of press interviews with Pattie,” the author says, adding, “But he was upset.”

That’s funny, because Gossip Cop checked in with Braun about the alleged fight, and he laughed off the BOGUS report.

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