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Taylor Swift On ‘New Girl’: 5 Reveals From Her Season Finale Cameo

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taylor-swift-new-girl-video-leadTaylor makes her primetime comedy debut at 9 p.m. TONIGHT on Fox’s ‘New Girl’!

At first, it might seem ironic that the May 14 season finale of New Girl is titled “Elaine’s Big Day,” considering Elaine — played by Taylor Swift – actually appears on screen for a very small portion of the episode. But if you really break the finale down, it is a big one for Taylor, as well as every Swifty watching from got an early look at Taylor’s brief appearance, and because we know how much you all hate waiting, we’ve got a few teases to tide you over.

Five Things To Expect From Taylor Swift On ‘New Girl’

1. Taylor (aka “Elaine”) makes her grand entrance about 7/10 of the way through the episode. I’m not sure how that works out time-wise, once commercials are factored in, so you might just want to tune in for the whole thing — in case you weren’t already doing so.

2. There is talk of ex-boyfriends, and writing songs about ex-boyfriends — but don’t expect to hear Harry Styles, or any of Taylor’s other famous exes, name-checked.

3. Elaine is obsessed with a certain character that I can’t name. Like, she’s creepily obsessed.

4. Taylor’s actually really funny! Not all stunt-casting goes according to plan, but her cameo is definitely more hit than miss.

5. Though Taylor is known for suffering heartbreak after heartbreak, we might finally see her get a happy ending tonight! (OK, her character, at least.)Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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