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Rihanna Upset With Chris Brown’s Behavior: She Gave Him So Much Love

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rihanna1Rihanna and Chris have definitely been drifting apart since their recent split, and at times it has even seemed like they hate each other now. But a source close to the ‘Unapologetic’ singer tells EXCLUSIVELY that Rihanna is just ‘disappointed’ in Chris after giving him so much, and not getting enough in return.

Rihanna is a tough girl — there’s no debating that. Her steely exterior can sometimes make her seem angrier and more hateful than she actually is. So whenshe recently blasted her ex Chris Brown on Twitter, it was easy to just assume that she had begun to despise him. That is not the case.


Rihanna ‘Disappointed’ In Chris Brown

“Hate is a strong word,” a source close to the singer told EXCLUSIVELY. “Disappointed would be a better word choice.”

The source explains that Rihanna’s disappointment stems from a feeling that Chris did not put as much love into the relationship as she did. “When you love someone as much as she does, and then they constantly push you to the limit, a girl can get exhausted.”

“It’s frustrating for her because she has a big heart,” the source says. The relationship stalled because Rihanna expected Chris to have as huge of a heart as she does, and she was sorely disappointed to find out the hard way that he doesn’t.

“She gives and gives and loves him hard but there is only so much a girl can do,” says the insider. “She doesn’t think Chris knows that or even cares.”

Could Chris Brown Make A Turnaround For Rihanna?

Wow — how heartbreaking is that? Rihanna just wasn’t getting enough back from her man. We’re sure she waited as long as possible, hoping Chris would come around, before regrettably cutting him loose.

Then again, there’s always the chance that Chris convinces Rihanna down the road that he’s a changed, more loving guy and the superstar couple reunites. What do you thinkFollow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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