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Chris Brown Sad Over Rihanna Split: Giving Her Space Right Now

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ririchrisChris might act like a tough guy, but he’s actually hurting over his breakup. A source close to the R&B singer tells EXCLUSIVELY that he is dealing with a bad case of post-split heartache.

When Chris Brown tweeted, “She’s not mine if she’s everybody else’s,” it was easy to just write it off as a guy dissing his ex. But is it possible that Chris was tweeting out of pure sadness?


Chris Brown: Sad About Losing Rihanna?

“It is what it is,” a source close to the 24-year-old singer glumly tells EXCLUSIVELY. The source explains that Chris and Rihanna’s up and down relationship is taking its toll on Chris. “One day he’s with her, and the next they fight and they’re over,” the insider says.

To make things worse, Rihanna’s diss tweets are rubbing salt in Chris’ open wound. Her Instagram posts of her and and her friends partying hard and messages like, “Got a thang for King, but chu ain’t a King!!!” definitely aren’t helping Chris move on.

“He’s sad that she’s sad and it irritates him when she blasts him on Twitter,” the source says. “But that’s how girls are sometimes, he can’t help that.”

Chris Brown Giving Rihanna Space

As of now, Chris is taking the high road, even though the relationship drama is breaking his heart. He hasn’t reached out to Rihanna and though they’ve clearly been sending each other subtle messages on Twitter, they haven’t actually spoken. “They’re giving each other space right now,” the source affirms.

The source doesn’t expect that to last though — after knowing Chris for so long, he’d be shocked if this breakup actually sticks. “I’ll tell you this much, it’s never really done with them.”

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