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Robert Pattinson’s Birthday: 27 Reasons He’s Great

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robertRobert Pattinson is one of those few Hollywood stars who has remained humble, friendly and totally down to earth despite becoming one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Here’s 27 reasons we at love him — feel free to add on!

Why do we love Robert Pattinson? Let us count the ways!


27 Reasons We Love Robert Pattinson

1. Every person — and I mean every one — who meets him says he’s sweet, polite and friendly.

2. He hilariously puts himself down in interviews. He’s said: ” pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth is irrelevant”, and has described himself as ” a geek about everything”.

3. He’s also been good natured about dissing his own teen modeling career:  ”I had the most unsuccessful modeling career,”he’s laughed while pointing out that he was so skinny and androgynous  he “looked like a girl.”

4. He’s totally close to his parents and two sisters, and they always fly to the U.S. for his premieres.

5. He admits that he hates to go to the gym and is embarrasseed when he’s had to go shirtless: ” I’d have to make a lifestyle change of I wanted to do shirtless acting … like Taylor Lautner“, he’s pointed out.

6. He has absolutely no hair vanity and doesn’t care if he has to shave off fall his gorgeous locks for a role.

7. He’s never bothered to hire a PR person, even after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal.

8. He actually ate the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream on air that Jon Stewart gave him after the photos of Kristen with Rupert Sanders, were published..

9. He never, ever, ever, dissed Kristen after she broke his heart by cheating — he was always a total gentleman.

10. He shares his clothes with Kristen.

11. He’s worth $64 million but he still wears and re-wears his schleppy flannel shirts — which he got on the Twilight set.

12. Again, despite being a multi, multi-millionaire, he still loves to shop vintage, go to dive bars and shops for groceries and snacks himself — doesn’t send an assistant.

13. He adopted a rescue dog, Bear, and loves him like crazy.

14. He bought his Halloween mask at 7-11.

15. He arrives and hour and a half early before his premieres so he can spend lots of time with fans, taking pictures and signing autographs.

16. Rob admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that he drank vodka backstage before coming on the show and being goofy.

17. He never canceled any of his promotional appearances or interviews for Cosmopolis, despite knowing he’d be asked about Kristen Stewart — not long after the cheating scandal.

18. He has no special diet or eating habits, like most regular guys — he eats everything!

19. He hilariously kissed  Taylor Lautner on the lips at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards after winning Best Kiss with Kristen (who he didn’t kiss at the event)!

20. Rob has such a great sense of humor and is so NOT snobby — he climbed a tree with Jimmy Fallon and claimed to be “bothered” by Jimmy’s Edward Cullen impression.

21. He believes in true love that can last, even when you’re young: “My parents met when my mom was 17 and my father, 25, they are still together, and seem very happy. I grew up believing that you can be together all of your life.,” he has said.

22. He’s stayed close with all the friends he had before becoming rich and famous: Tom SturridgeMarcus FosterSam Bradley and Bobby Long.

23. He’s so mature and thoughtful, he was able to forgive Kristen for making a mistake she regretted terribly.

24. He’s worked hard with Kristen to make their relationship better than ever. He even tells her he loves her more now, because it makes her happy.

25. He loves to read books, very avidly!

26. He’s loyal to his directors and has publicly said he’d love to work with Cosmopolis‘s David Cronenberg again!

27. He’s also the most loyal boyfriend ever! He’s never even looked at another woman while he’s been in a committed relationship with kristen – what a guy!

Have a happy 27th birthday, Rob, and I bet Kristen has some great plans for your special day!Follow @Infocelebrity on Twitter!

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