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Naya Rivera & Big Sean Show PDA On Romantic Vacation — Cute PIC

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naya-rivera-big-sean-hawaii-leadLove is in the air! Sexy ‘Glee’ star Naya and her boyfriend Big Sean took their romance to Hawaii, where they look super adorable!

Naya Rivera and her rapper beau Big Sean have hit up the sandy shores of Hawaii for a PDA filled vacation, and boy do they look adorable! Naya has some down time since wrapping up season four of Glee, and while Big Sean was on the island to work, he still found time to chill out with his “pretty girl.”


Naya Rivera & Big Sean Vacation In Hawaii

Naya, 26, and Sean, 25 were chilling out in Honolulu and it’s clear they are crazy about each other!

“Pretty girl on my balcony,” tweeted Sean on May 1o, followed by “She’s a trip” with the adorable picture above. While in Hawaii, Sean performed to a sold out crowd and when he had some spare time he and Naya partook in some paddle boarding.

What a cute couple! They talented duo have been dating since last month, got all the EXCLUSIVE details of their first date!

Big Sean & Naya Rivera’s First Date

Naya and Sean’s first date was at a one night only recreation of legendary Brooklyn ballpark Ebbett’s Field on April 10, and an onlooker spilled all the details to

They were so cute together! There were food stands set up all over the party and they were walking around looking at all the yummy treats. Sean grabbed a ballpark hot dog and fed Naya a bite before eating the rest of it himself! They stood in line for drinks at the bar just like everyone else, Sean ordered a Stella for himself, but Naya just drank water. Sean seemed so proud to have her there and he kept introducing her to people as his girlfriend.

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