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Kristen Stewart Chills With Friends Before Robert Pattinson’s Birthday

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kristenLooking good, Kristen! On the eve of Robert Pattinson’s 27th birthday, Kristen chilled out with a bunch of friends on May 12, and it looks like she was having an awesome time.

Kristen Stewart looks so great in this new picture! The Twilight beauty looks so cute with quiffed hair and vintage sunglasses, and she definitely knows how to strike a pose! Kristen’s boyfriend Robert Pattinson turned 27-years-old on May 13, and considering Kristen had so many romantic things planned for him, it’s nice that she was able to get in some downtime with friends first!


Kristen Stewart Parties With Friends

Kristen, 23, was pictured with four friends on May 12, the night before Rob’s birthday. Striking a pose and flashing a smile, Kristen shows what a super star she really is!

It’s cool that Kristen found time to chill with her friends, because she has been a busy bee planning the best birthday ever for Rob!

Kristen knows what Rob likes, and so she had a snooker table made specially for him!

Rob’s a normal guy, he wouldn’t want a bling watch or a flashy car, so Kristen had a snooker table hand made for him. Rob loves a few cans of lager and a game with the lads. She’s having it secretly put into their pool outhouse in Los Feliz.

A friend of Kristen’s told us EXCLUSIVELY that Kristen is planning on spoiling Rob.

Kristen is super excited to totally spoil Rob on his birthday. Kristen has a special day and night planned for Rob, which will include swimming, friends, music, and of course their dogs Bear and Bernie. She’s not revealing too many details because she wants it to be a surprise for him. She just wants to totally shower him with love and affection.

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