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Rihanna: Nicole Richie’s Sick Met Gala Dress “Makes Me Throw Up!!”

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rIf this is a compliment, we can’t wait to see what RiRi has to say when she’s offended.

Rihanna took to her Twitter page and posted what on the surface looks to be a rather scathing review of Nicole Richie‘s Cruella de Vil-like fashion statement at Monday night’s Met Gala.

“This bitch makes me throw up!!” the “Unapologetic” singer tweeted, along with a link to Instagram pics.


Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic

However, in Rihanna’s mind, it looks like she actually meant it as praise by including the hashtag “#bestdressed” instead of a diss. While some fans on Twitter seemed to get her “sick” sense of humor, others felt nauseous about it.

“As a matter of fact im starting to not like miss riri so much, her ways to express what she likes is all backwards, confusing and wrong,” wrote one netizen. “How can throwing up be a compliment?”

So far, Nicole’s Twitter page has remained mum on the subject.

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